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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 7, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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there is comfort in having certitude, isn't there? no hanging chads. no lawyers. we have answers. answers are good. thanks for watching, everyone. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: how about the snow? get home fast. making this will be the first time home in ten days. >>shepard: president obama captured another four years in the white house and governor romney concedes with an appeal for america to come together. we will talk about what went right and wrong. no change in the balance of power in congress as we approach the fiscal cliff. it is looming. it is large. are lawmakers any closer to striking a deal? you know that answer. >> a historic day for same-sex marriage and the legalization of pot. they are getting high rocky mountain style ahead all ahead
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unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city the dow has dived today. the dow jones industrial average has been down 2 percent for the afternoon close to 300 points. the reason according to our colleagues at fox business network is looming concerns over the fiscal cliff. lack of certainty whether they will get anything done. the global economy, too. the morning after the election. now the afternoon after. wall street is going, well $we -- can we get this fixed. storm battered new york and new jersey, and i was in my office on the 17th floor you can barely see times square a block away. it is snowing to beat the band. in new jersey and new york people are without power and in many cases without homes, it is another dangerous weather system a nor'easter bringing rain, sleet, and snow. high winds and coastal flooding
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today and tomorrow. storms like this are not unusual this time of year but this is in the wake of hurricane sandy a once-in-a-lifetime storm that crippled the infrastructure of the region fewer than a million people, or a million customers still do not have power. it could be more than a million. many homes that survived hurricane sandy are severely damaged the many tremendouses standing are weakened greatly and high winds could take them down if the nor east are hits. officials are warning of new power outages. fed sex delivering generators, food, water, ice, to nursing homes and shelters and first responders. new york city is shutting down construction, closing all parks again encouraging drivers to stay off the road. the city's mayor says that low-lying areas are vulnerable because of beach erosion from super storm sandy. david lee miller is live on long
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island, new york, where victims of sandy prepare for another hit. would you look at that. janice dean is in the fox weatherst. you predicted it. sure enough. >> nine days ago we talked about a hurricane. now we are talking about a winter storm. you cannot wrap your head around it. the worst right new, not at its height, the height from later this evening until midnight we are getting snow all across new jersey, mixing in with freezing rain and sleet. philadelphia issued a warning saying traveling home this afternoon could be next to impossible on the roadways because things are so bad. up the coast, long island, getting some snow and a mix of freezing rain and sleep. toward new england, mainly a snow event for connecticut with 3" to 4" on the ground and moving into parts of new hampshire and maine.
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this will be a 12 hour event. part this that is hard hit is because these areas are so vulnerable to storm surge and we will see 2' to 4'. there are high wind watches including a wind alert of 71 miles per hour off the coast of cape cod. the winds are picking up. we could see gusts from 40, 50, to 60 miles per hour. it is very fragile situation here. if you just got your power on it could be back off and the trees with the leaves will bring the power lines down. we could deal with more damage. >>shepard: how much snow? >> some of the models show incredible amounts of snow in new york city. some of the totals could be close to 8" in trenton, new jersey and 6.5" in philadelphia,
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and 5" in new york city. 5" for manchester. snow is one of the hardest things to forecast so we are in a now-casting environments rather than forecasting. we could have totals surpassing those amounts. the temperatures, they are so cold tonight, a million homes without power and that will be dangerous for folks who are just cold. >>shepard: thank you janice. your house has been destroyed, you are sitting outside trying to protect your home from looters and another storm is here and it is snowing. major airlines canceled 1,000 flights already. they warn this could be many more to come. that is paling in comparison to what people are dealing with. we go to long island, new york, what are they doing to get
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ready? >>reporter: what a mess. they are still trying to recover from the first storm and now it is more difficult. you can see the atlantic ocean they expect the water to surge 3' to 5'. you can see what was left of someone's odden deck. right now, we will pan around and see this giant yellow truck and what they are trying to do is pump out the sand stuck in the drains so this is not more flooding and the workers say this is a very difficult task under difficult conditions. i found this lying in the street, someone's photo album, what is left of it, washed away underscoring the human component of this tragedy so many people continuing to suffer. >>shepard: and millions of tons of sand in the drains and backed up everywhere. are most of the people in the damaged areas out?
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>>reporter: most have got were out. we have panned down the boardwalk in long beach and you can see it is virtually deserted. the apartments are evacuated right now. only a handful of residents remain behind. i talked to a woman a few moments ago she was bringing emergency supplies to her son who refuses to leave but it is a small minority. it is extremely dangerous, people do not have power or water and there is no expectation that situation is going to improve significantly. >>shepard: the storm just hitting. david lee miller on long beach, long island. thank you. the dust is settling after months of bitter battles and hard fought campaigns and now comes the hard part: the job of fixing the real problems our nation faces. the president will leave chicago for washington, dc, ready to start a second term, with the
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tough tasks ahead, 23 million americans are out of work or look for better jobs and the national debt stops $16 trillion and perhaps most pressing, preventing the fiscal cliff or the fall off of it, a combination of tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect if lawmakers do not strike a deal. washington, dc, so far, is deadlocked. with republics holding control of the house of representatives, the federal government is exactly just as divided as it has been for two years. last night 9 president stressed there is real work to do and he hinted he is willing to work across the political aisle. >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges. we can only solve these together, reducing the deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we have more work to do.
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>>shepard: the white house called leader from both parties saying the american people want both sides to work together. coming up in a few minutes the republican speaker of the house will speak how his party hopes to move forward. we will bring that like and work to do that. first, though, to wendell, live in chicago. the question is, does the election bring us any closer to working out a deal? >>reporter: the president has said it should be easier for him to work with republicans when they are no longer focused on blocking re-election but senate republican leader said preventing a second obama term was the top priority says the president didn't get a mandate last night, all he got was more time to do the job he promised in his first term. by waiting until the election is over the president left less than two months to is a deal to prevent tax hike and spending cuts that could push the country into another recession and the players have not changeed.
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obama is demanding an end to the upper income tax cuts and house speaker boehner is signals he will oppose that. republicans are demanding changes in entitlement programs and senate majority leader harry reid says he will not tinker with social security to get a deal. >>shepard: job creation? >>reporter: obama criticized mitt romney for claiming that he would create 12 million jobs over the next four years but not spelling out how. some economists think the country is primed to create ten million or 12 million no matter who is in the oval office. last night, the president possibled to reach across the aisle to create jobs but there was not much in the way of details. >> you elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties.
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>>reporter: most doubt the country will be down to 6 percent unemployment in the next couple years so the run up to 2016, jobs will likely again be the issue. >>shepard: got to talk about that already? thank you, wendell from chicago. look at the dow again if we could, dow jones industrial average off 2 percent on the session, down 268. friend the at fox business network say that is largely about concerns over the fiscal cliff. we will lay that out. what is going on in florida? in people did not get to vote until after midnight and the polls closed at 7:00 eastern and 7:00 central. officials are still trying to figure out who won the state's electoral votes.
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>>shepard: the dow is off 281 on the session. and now sandra is with us from the fox business network. >> this is all the worries shifting from the election to, now, the fiscal cliff this country thinks is at the end of the year, the expiring of the bush tax cuts. investors are fearful of hanging on to the company as they deal with the riding taxes. some of the worst performing sectors are financials. the energy, technology, stills. this drop we are looking at in the dow right now of 280 points is big but it was bigger earlier down 369 points. this was the biggest drop we have seen in the dow jones industrial average in over a year. we are also dropping below a key level in the dow of 13,000 and
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we look at that big round number and we are below that now for the first time since september 4th. a lot of folks dumping dividend-paying stocks and do not see that attractive where taxes will go up. one area that is thriving today is hospital and health care stocks. they are in the green with this triple digit sell off. >>shepard: governor romney was not able to win over key voting groups that likely tipped the scales in the president's favor according to the experts. our exit polls indicate that the president won the vote among women by 11-point margin, more women voted in this election than men. the president also won among voters in the 18 to 29-year-old age group by 23 points. issue number one, the economy, governor romney narrowly won on the question of, who can better handle the economy?
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carl cameron with the news live in boston this afternoon. governor romney's campaign made decisions that our watchers indicate cost him. >>carl: one tinge he was particularly deficient in was latino vote. when george w. bush won in 2000 he was north 40 percent and mitt romney was down 27 percent. there are questions whether early in the summer when the obama campaign unleashed attack ads on romney's business career whether he responded adequately. some suggested that $30 million worth of positive ads could have neutralized that. he did not talk about bipartisanship in the language you normally hear at the end of a campaign particularly until after the convention. normally the convention is the point where the big tent is open and people try to bring in independents and moderates but it was conservative convention. there was a good example last night of the bipartisan out
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outreach. >> the nation is in a critical point. a time like this we cannot risk partisan bickering. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. we citizens have to rise to the occasion. >>carl: he talked about bipartisanship two weeks ago and the defeat will spark a defeat in the republican party. >>shepard: thank you from boston. breaking news, now, the mayor of new york city is speaking on the snowstorm that is hit the northeast and the folks in his city who are without home, without power and food and gas and it is a horrible mess. >> the weather forecast, they say that the original forecast 1" to 3" of wet stuff at the
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worst stands and they do not think it will be more than that. with that in mind, please do not drive if you can avoid it. use mass transit. if you must drive, exercise extreme caution. now, it is a good idea to stay indoors with this because hurricane sandy weakened trees and the high winds could cause more trees and limbs to come down and the debris is still on the streets to blow around we will also have unseasonably cold temperatures tonight unfortunately dropping into the mid-30's and the high winds will make it feel as if it is in the mid-20's. in the face of the weather conditions, we have taken a number of steps to present new yorkers especially our most vulnerable ordering the evacuation of four chronic care facilities on the rockaways, three nursing homes for a total of 450 residents and one adult care center with more than 170
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residents. all four facilities are located in areas that were hard hit by hurricane sandy. while since then they have been operating successfully with emergency generators, the city and state departments of healthed the threat of a loss of power during a new storm surge made it advisable to move residents to a safer spot. this was completed late last night. they were taken to other facilities that had space available. all the residents were moved safely and are being taken care of. i want to commend our emergency medical service personnel for their smooth coordination of this event. a lot of the people were not happy they had to move but their safety is our first consideration. because of the continued threat of flooding, as they did yesterday, police officers are announcing over patrol car loudspeakers in places vulnerable to further flooding to encourage people who are
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elderly or homebound or who have infants to go where they are certain to be safe and warm. hundreds of volunteers have braved increasingly nasty weather to knock on doors today. like the nypd they let people know of the city's shelters and how to get to them. all such centers have at least one entrance that is wheelchair accessible. and there are additional ambulances and 20 special task forces outfitted with small inflatable boats, bumps, and chain saws. >>shepard: the mayor laying out the enormous task facing the entire region in the northeast, now ready for a snowstorm. not significant accumulation, 1 itch to 3" and janice predicting up to 5" but it is too much. president obama no longer has to worry about getting re-elected. will that change how he approaches the job in the second term? will the republicans change how
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>>shepard: we will eventually me if the president and congress can come together to tackle the biggest problems of the nation. of course, republicans have refused to raise taxes on anyone and the president and democrats are pushing for the end of the bush era tax cuts for the wealthy and shifts depend on how the parties view the election results. we will go to real clear politics, our guest. so, now, the people in congress are going to say, let's fix it
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and the president will say, let's fix it and they will sit down and fix it, right? >>guest: sure, right now that the election is over. this is the biggest task for both parties returning to washington this week. we will have a new congress next year that actually resembles the one that came before it. >>shepard: to the right of the last one, isn't it? >>guest: a little bit more polarized i would say. some key moderates on both sides of the aisle lost re-election bids last night. so we will see a little bit more partisan on both sides. >>shepard: do they think the fiscal cliff is something they decide to solve or do what they did last time and pretend to solve it and then solve it later? >>guest: both want to. the question is how to go about it. people like mark warner who has been a key player in some of the deficit talks, he has suggested they could get a framework done but we are not sure if they will get something through by the end of the year when the tax cuts
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expire and we have the looming deficit cuts. so, there is a lot to do in the next few months. the question is, how the president and congress work together. harry reid, today, said that he doesn't want to concede on the raising taxes for those who make the highest incomes and john boehner who is supposed to speak any minute has said the elections last night proved this is not, this is a mandate that voters do not want to raise taxes so we have disconnect there. and we had the president --. >>shepard: boehner said there is a mandate? >>guest: this suggests that voters do thought want to raise taxes. that is what he is saying the election means because they re-elected the republican congress. and we have the president who last night pledged to work across the aisle and get something done so it will be interesting to see, he will have to meet with the leaders and
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whether he has a point person on the hill that will hill him. these relationships are going to be interesting to watch and are going to be key. >>shepard: we have hope but hope is not a strategy. thank you. she mentioned john boehner is about to speak and this is the microphone but no john boehner. rest assured we will listen to this to see. john boehner is still in charge today and we will see what the climate is. we got a two-minute warning. so one of the things that we will get a feel for here, what the thinking of the republican side of the aisle is today. we have heard last night from the president he wants to work across the party lines and he will work with anyone to get these things solved but the fact is they have fundamentally different ideas how to get things solved and whether they can come together, it is not as if the president can stand up and say, well, i have a mandate. the country is split as it can
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be. mike emanuel works the hill and busy last night and usually today. got a hint of what is coming? >>reporter: he will say he is not about to raise taxes on small business owners. he will congratulate the president of the united states, house republicans recognize the president won a new term, the senate democrats a lot of them won a new term but they feel like they won, as well, so, they believe they have a mandate to not raise taxes if there is a mandate to come out of this election. they recognize people back home want washington, dc, they want it to work and to essentially rebuild faith with the american people and that washington can get problems done but the question is, where will compromise be? who will blink first? will the president have a plan that says here is a way forward? will boehner throw out something that is appealing to the
12:30 pm
democrats? or will harry reid in the senate? people are saying we need to work together and find common ground but the question is, where is that? >>shepard: this line you used "raise taxes on small businesses" was a campaign nod and during the campaign, as the democrats said, we need to raise taxes on people who make more than $250,000 but they point out that historically taxes on that income bracket are historically very low and the democrats have pointed out that taxes have been reduced under the past four years not raised identify the past four years and the president said this idea that raiding taxes on people in that income bracket is not tantamount to raising taxes on small business owner because 99.7 percent of small business owners are not affected. we will listen to john boehner. >> i offer my congratulations to president obama and the first
12:31 pm
lady and vice president biden and dr. biden. like many americans i was hoping this presidential election would turnout a little differently. mitt romney and paul ryan are good men. they are good leaders. i wish mitt, his wife, and paul and his wife well. but the american people have re-elected president obama and a republican majority in the house of representatives f there is a mandate in the results it is for us to work together on the solutions to the challenges we all face as a nation. my message today is not one of confrontation but one of conviction. in the weeks and months ahead we face a series of tremendous challenges and great opportunity. weeks away from now looms the so-called fiscal cliff. a combination of automatic spending cuts and tax increases mandated by law. in months of fiscal cliff
12:32 pm
congress will be asked to raise the debt ceiling and around 9 same time legislation will be needed to keep the government running as a continuing resolution under which we are currently operating expires. amid all of the short-term hurdles we face the greatest challenge of all, a massive debt that is smothers growth and exceeding the size of our economy. there will be many who will say with the election over we should confront the first of the challenges by simply letting the top two tax rates expire and pushing off the sequester to another day. they would have us engage in short-term temporary policies that have put us in this fix. in essence, they saying, have more of the same. agree to drive our economy off part of the fiscal cliff instead of driving it off the whole fiscal cliff and we will call it a day. that will not get us out of the problem and it will hurt or
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economy. we can't keep going on like that. we can't keep setting the bar that low. it is time we raise the bar. the american people this week didn't give us a mandate to simply do the simple thing. they elected us to lead. they gave us a mandate to work together to do the best if our country. we know what the best thing to do would be, that would be an agreement that sends the signal to our economy and to the world after years of punting on the major fiscal challenges we face, 2013 is going to be different. it would be an agreement that begins to pave the way for long-term growth essential if we want to lit the cloud of deficits hanging over our country. we also have the problem of our fiscal imbalance over might and we will not do knit a lame duck session of congress. it won't be solved by raiding taxes or taking a plunge off the fiscal cliff.
12:34 pm
what we can do is avert the cliff in a manner that serves as a downpayment on and a catalyst for solutions enacted in 2013 to solve the problem. mr. president, the republican majority here in the house of representatives stands ready to work with you to do what is best for our country. that is exactly what i told the president earlier today. that is the will of the people and well answer to them. that means fully considering the impact of the policies we might set in motion. the independent accounting firm says going over part of the fiscal cliff and raising taxes on the top two rates costs our economy more than 700,000 jobs. the accounting firm confirmed that many of those hit with a rate increase will be small business owners, the very people would both parties acknowledge are the key to private sector job creation. there is an alternative to going over the fiscal cliff.
12:35 pm
in whole or in part. it involves making real changes to the financial structure of entitlement programs and reforming our tax code to curb special interest loopholes and deductions. by working together and creating a fairer, simpler, cleaner tax code, we can give our country a stronger and healthier economy, a stronger economy means more revenue, which is what the president seeks. because the american people expect us to find common ground we willing to accept additional revenues by tax reform. there is a form for economic growth happening in 1986 with a democrat house run by thomas "tip" o'neill and a republican president named ronald reagan. in 1986, there were skeptics would doubted the economic benefits of tax reform. those skeptics were wrong. as stanford economist and former treasury secretary put it, george shultz said the 1986 reform is a sort of unsung hero
12:36 pm
of the very good economic times we have had. the time has come to revamp the tax code. if we dos he argues we will get a gusher and there will be a response and revenue will come in. but the american people also expect us to solve the problem. for that reason, in order to beganner republican support for new revenues, the president must be willing to reduce spending and shore up entitlement programs that are the primary drivers of our debt. if we are not seeking to open -- we are asking him to made good on his call for a balanced approach. but a balanced approach is not balanced if it means higher taxes on small businesses that are the key to getting our economy moving again and keeping it moving. a balanced approach is not balanced if we increase the
12:37 pm
amount of money coming into the government but we do not cut spending and address entitlements at the same time. a balanced approach isn't balanced if it is done by raising taxes now and failing to court spending in the future. a balanced approach isn't balanced if it means slashing national defense instead of making the common sense spending cuts that are truly needs. real economic growth eluded us in the first temperature of this president. and a bipartisan agreement that solves the problem we are t conditions.cept new revenue what matters is where the increased revenue comes from, and what type of reform comes with it. does the increased revenue come from government taking a larger share of what the american people earn through higher tax rates? or does it come as a byproduct of growing our economy,
12:38 pm
energized by a simpler, cleaner, fairer tax code, with fewer loopholes and lower rates for all. at the same time, we are reforming the tax code are we supporting growth by taking concrete steps by putting the entitlement programs on a sounder financial footing? or are we just going to continue to duck the matter of entitlements and the root of the entire problem? shoring up entitlements and reforming the tax code, closing special interest loopholes and deductions and moving to a fairer system will bring jobs home and result in a stronger and healthier economy. history teams us that this is the right path to take of the reform done in a manner i have described will result in additional revenue that the president seeks. it will support economic growth which means more revenue generated for the treasury. and it will improve the efficiency of the tax system
12:39 pm
which means additional revenue, as well. we are closer than many think to the critical mass that is needed legislatively to get tax reform done. the president and i talked about it extensively during the summer of 2011. we had support of republicans offering substantive proposals in the so-called super committee last year that provided revenue through tax reform. now, the american people recognize our economy, to get it moving again is the only way we will be able to balance the federal government budget. we should not ask which taxes to raise to get more revenue, but, which reforms can we agree on that will get our economy moving again? >> there are two paths we can take to get the revenue the president seeks. feeding the growth of government through higher tax rates will not help us solve the problem. feeding the growth of our
12:40 pm
economy through a better and cleaner tax code will. now, the president has signaled a willingness to do tax reform with lower rates. republics have signaled a willingness to accept new revenue if it comes from growth and reform. so, health's start the discussion there. i'm not suggesting we compromise on our principles but i am suggesting we commit ourselves to creating an atmosphere where we can see common ground, where it exists and seize it. if we cannot find common ground we will continue to operate on a tax code on a year by year basis and extend major programs for a month at a time and we will face expiration of the government's borrowing authority. and el be on constant downgrade watch from our creditors. in the new testament, this is a story told of two men, one who built his house on sand. the other who built his house on rock. the foundation our country's
12:41 pm
economy, the rock our economy, has always been small businesses in the private sector. i ran one of those small businesses and i can tell you that raising a small business tax means they don't grow. a small business does not grow, our economy doesn't grow. if our economy doesn't grow, we don't have a prayer of digging our country out of the hole that we with call our national debt. this is why going over part of the fiscal cliff and raising taxes on job creators is no solution at all. instead of building our house on sand, let's build it on rock. instead of raising small business taxes, let's start by fixing their problems, start by giving them some confidence and certainty about what the future homeds. for this to work we need to focus on substance not theater. it will require weeks of work rather than a weekend of photo ops. it will not happen around a
12:42 pm
campfire at camp david or a secret room at an air force base or over 18 holes of gulf, this will take time. but if we are all looking for a solution, i am confident we can get there. mr. president, this is your moment. we are ready to be led. not as democrats or republicans. but as americans. we want you to lead. not as a liberal or conservative but as president of the united states of american. we want you to succeed. let's challenge ourselves to fine the common ground that has he -- eludeed us and do the right thing for our country. thank you. >>shepard: no questions. $2.6 billion presidentialal election later, and here we are. no short-term fixes. can't do the simple thing.
12:43 pm
must do the best thing. change to entitlements, change the tax code, eliminate loopholes. which loopholes in mortgage deduction? earned income credit? wants the president to succeed. mike? >> there are a couple of ideas there. one is, obviously, the longer term solution which is tax reform that boehner would like to see happen and dealing with the entitlements which are obviously exploding as our population gets older and grayer. that seems to be more of a 2013 item with the new congress coming this and, obviously, the president starting a new term. the more immediate situation is that fiscal cliff, the trillions of spending cuts and tax increases due do hit in the new year and that is something the lame duck congress has to get cracking on immediately starting probably next monday. so, the bottom line, he is saying, do not raise taxes. that is not a way to grow the
12:44 pm
economy. he is saying we need to find other solutions to head off that crisis which is right around the corner. >>shepard: thank you. our political panel, a democratic campaign consultant and president of a media firm, and a republican strategist and former spokeswoman for the republican national committee. what did you hear? >> i thought it was a good speech. he sort up parameters of what he would like to do, the olive branch to to the president and e president would be wise to listen to some of this. this is the president's win. no question. congratulations to him. but it was very close in the popular vote and i am sure that the obama white house is also remembering two years ago when voters sent the republicans into the majority of the house of representatives which made speaker boehner the speak are because of these issues the speaker is talking about. both sides will have to compromise, no question.
12:45 pm
the good news for both of them, particularly for the president, if they get started early in 2013 maybe they can get through most of this by the time the midterms come up. >>shepard: john? >>guest: i'm not sure what we heard from the speaker, frankly. he spoke in such a way this could be the beginning of a new time of bipartisanship or it could be he is exactly the same place he was when he walked away from the table a year ago. so when you listen to what he talked about he didn't seem to take a step forward in terms of what the president wants on tass policy but he did so many figure eight's maybe this is the beginning of the dialogue. i don't know we are at smoking of peace pipe and kumbaya between the white house and the speaker. >>shepard: he said, there were familiar things there that republicans seem very and conservatives are serious about saying they don't want to raise taxes on anybody. they used this idea that all about small businesses but the
12:46 pm
president and the office of management and budget are insisting it only is affecting this many small businesses only about people making a lot of money paying more. blue are for or against it it does not matter to me but that is where they are apart. >> the speaker is somewhat painted into a corner because so many of his members of caucus are tea party members and they all watch very closely the indiana senate race where lugar was beat out in the primary and the tax pledges they have taken, i wonder what norquist thinks of what he is saying he will monitor closely from the taxpayers pledge they have signed and they are painted in a corner on no tax pledges. the political bombshell of slashing and burning on medicare and social security which is the thing that he talked about a lot. the other piece is, a showdown with the president, it usually
12:47 pm
doesn't work for congress. he can pistol-whip them with a big microphone that is the presidential office and he has the big microphone. so, i don't think more gridlock benefits the speaker. >>guest: i heard nothing in that speech that indicated gridlock. he is talking about closing loopholes that will hurt people on the right. both have to compromise. the president has to compromise on entitlement reform and he is going to have to take very seriously the fact that half the country, probably more than half of country is not with him on raising the tax rates but they will go along with closing some of the loopholes. >>shepard: the people will go along with closing loopholes in a vacuum because closing loopholes sounds right. wait, wait, wait, wait, i will do this, cheri, people are not going to like the closing of the loophole and it is the loophole they are using. if it is my mortgage interest i don't like it. if it is my income --. >>guest: it will hurt all
12:48 pm
sides. >>shepard: but no one will be for any of it, someone has to say i don't care if you are for it or not we are about to fall off the cliff the station in trouble and here is what we are doing but does anybody have the...wherewithal to stand up and tell us what we don't want to hear but what the truth is? we must make changes. i have not found that person yet. >>guest: it will happen and it will be incumbent on speaker boehner and he knows it will hurt people on the right but he is saying he will do it and we need the president to come to the table and he will do the same thing. i like what speaker boehner said. he knows it will hurt people open his side and he set parameters. >>shepard: you are right, you could be right. it is serious, isn't it? it is serious. >>guest: very serious. >>shepard: no one wants their loophole cut out. >>guest: and we don't want class warfare. >>shepard: stop the campaign
12:49 pm
stuff. come on, now. >>guest: hopefully it is over. >>shepard: hopefully the rhetoric calms down. western leaders stepping up the pressure on the syrian regime that is killing its own people. u.s. officials say they can soon deploy patriot missiles to turkey's side of the bodier with syria. it is all good everywhere. we will be right become. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age.
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>>shepard: the united states and soon deploy patriot missiles to turkey's border with syria. they could send the missiles to protect turkey from possible attacks. but the officials claim the u.s. is not ready to send any military equipment inside syria. the british prime minister is calling for the united states to
12:53 pm
join him in opening direct talks with syrian rebel fighters. jonathan hunt is with us. there could be a push now to get assad out of syria. >>jonathan: there is a sense among this allies there is an opportunity here, with the british prime minister cameron putting pressure on president obama. in fact, he said yesterday, he wants to talk directing to president obama to find identity what they can do to end the blood should. the prime minister in an interview raised the possibility of providing safe passage for president assad if he agrees to resign. >> that can be anything. anything to get that man out of the country and to have a safe transition in syria. of course, i would favor him facing the full force of international law and justice for what he has done but anything to get that man out of
12:54 pm
the country. >>jonathan: there is the possibility now that turkey will deploy u.s. made patriot missiles to their border with syria but they have to have a formal request made by the turkey through nato. >>shepard: a safe exit for assad some have suggested that could be the best way. what does it mean? >>jonathan: officials saying, choosing words carefully, because as you imply, in the eyes of some, it could mean allowing bashar al-assad to literally get away with murder. >> from where we are sitting we would expect in the eyes of the syrian people, there will be accountability questions. what we have said the question of accountability for assad is something that the syrian people are very much going to have to be in the lead on. >>jonathan: officials are meeting with syrian opposition groups that opens formally
12:55 pm
tomorrow and that could be the beginning of any new phase. but just because we have had an election here doesn't make the problems of solving the syrians easier. >>shepard: thank you. anyone planning to fly this thanksgiving? there could be some unpleasantness at the airports.  [ male announcer ] they're here! the hottest new machines of 2013,
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sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announr ] hurry in to rd lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees, all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, st 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't pt on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i seaood differently. >>shepard: the busiest travel days of year could be busiest with more crowded airports and planes filled close to capacity over thanksgiving and airlines are spenting 24 million travelers, an increase of 2011 but below 2626 and 2007 but there are fewer flights. ticket prices up 4 percent, because airlines are offering fewer flights to match demand so they can raise the prices. and before we wrap it up in tub
12:59 pm
constitute on wednesday, someone has a sweet tooth, a thief stole $4,000 from a family recently, the family was hiding the money in a couch to their home and one day the father checked the stash and discovered the money was gone. gone. soon the parents figured it out, their nine-year-old son admitted to stealing the cash and blowing out it on candy n a few days. the kid shared the sweets with his friends. that is a lot candy. he must have been flying. look at the weather outside in new york. wow. still snowing. looks like nighttime. hard to see the snow in that camera but it is everywhere but not cold enough to stick on the big avenue but it is bad if you are living in the rockaways or staten island or long island and it is still coming as us the first nor'easter except for that thing we had last week. the dow? it is


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